MaiTRIX Tutorials

Welcome to the MaiTRIX tutorials page where you can find in-depth explanations on how to use some of our unique modular computation products!  

RNS-APAL Tutorials

RNS-APAL is a powerful open-source, proprietary licensed software package allowing deep investigation into the inner workings of modular computation.  Available for free use by private and public educational institutions as well as the public for non-commercial applications and research, RNS-APAL provides a ready-to-use platform for which modular arithmetic and modular computation techniques can be explored, researched and expanded.

However, diving into the realm of modular computation is not a simple beginners task.  Therefore, MaiTRIX has elected to provide several tutorials for helping the researcher or investigator get the most from RNS-APAL as fast as possible.  You can also download our free yet comprehensive tutorial and reference manual here.

Mod-9 Tutorials

The Mod-9 provides tight integration with development boards and tools from Intel and Terasic. Using the DE2-115 development board from Terasic, a complete binary-residue hybrid computer is readily available which includes a VGA screen or LCD screen, an SD card for file storage, a PS/2 keyboard interface, and several communications ports for interfacing to real world applications. Using Intel’s Eclipse based IDE, C and C++ programs may be developed for the NIOS-II processor and Mod-9 co-processor combination hosted using the DE2-115 development board.

Support for newer Cyclone-V development boards from Terasic coming soon!

To help master the new hybrid computer system now available with MaiTRIX’s Mod-9 development kit, MaiTRIX provides several tutorials which can ease the beginner into programming the Mod-9 and entering the brave new world of modular computation!

RNS-Verilog Tutorials

Coming soon!

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