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MaiTRIX (MaiTRIX) is engaged in the development, design and licensing of advanced computer and arithmetic processing systems. A leader in the development of modular computation and residue based computing systems, MaiTRIX maintains and continues to develop its unique line of processor technologies and related IP.

Today, MaiTRIX is poised to introduce modular computation to the world through its unique line-up of exciting new FPGA based processor technologies. MaiTRIX is further committed to providing support tools and other educational aids to help broaden understanding of modular computation and advanced residue arithmetic targeting the graduate student and digital designer of tomorrow. Our technologies and target applications are paired below:

  • General Purpose Computation – our Mod-9 and Rez-18 processor families
  • Artificial Intelligence Acceleration – our RNS-TPU and TPU-ec processor families
  • Modular Computation tools and IP – our RNS-APAL software and MaitrixLib Verilog IP

At MaiTRIX, we believe the emergence of a new form of arithmetic computation is significant. Our steadfast faith and aggressive approach has evolved our understanding of the benefits of modular computation significantly. As a result, our new hardware paradigm provides dramatic gains in terms of clock speed, resource efficiency, numerical accuracy, and error resilience … all of which are important benefits required in the systems of the future.

A Digital Arithmetic Revolution

Unforeseen advantages of modular computation have been discovered and exploited by MaiTRIX. For example, new forms of error-correcting arithmetic have been developed by MaiTRIX which provide a feature not available in hardware supporting binary arithmetic. The list of advantages and the many applications that benefit from them continue to emerge and now appear limitless.

MaiTRIX’s new modular computation paradigm includes Verilog IP grouped into the following libraries:

  • Multi-cycle designs and components – used in our scalar co-processors
  • Pipelined design components – used in our high performance TPU applications
  • Cryptographic components – used in our new cryptographic applications
  • Error detection and correction components – used for high reliability space based applications

While other companies have simply dismissed early forms of residue number processing, MaiTRIX is making important discoveries and developing break-through solutions in an aggressive manner not seen since the development of the first binary computers! MaiTRIX believes Modular Computation is the number one competing candidate to Quantum Computing in terms of real results per funding dollar.

Please explore the many modular computation applications we’ve identified.

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MaiTRIX is the world’s leading researcher and developer of advanced computer hardware based on a new form of arithmetic called modular computation.


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