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Looking to expose your students to the next emergent technology in computer science and engineering?  Modular Computation promises to change the world of digital arithmetic, as it alters the way we think about general purpose arithmetic.  Expose and challenge your students to a discipline ripe with new discoveries!  MaiTRIX is uniquely qualified to introduce a brand-new arena where many more discoveries await the curiosity and un-tapped capabilities of your students!

Most of our lectures are designed for easy digestion and provide introduction into concepts in modular arithmetic applied to general computation, new methods of residue arithmetic in computer science, and modular circuit design for engineers.  Our lectures are fun and informative and come complete with additional material for your students!

MaiTRIX can provide your educational institution with our leading-edge lecture services.  The subject of modular computation is large, but we’ve pioneered several unique approaches to explaining this exciting subject for all levels and ages of education. We have several lectures to choose from, from fun introductory lectures to advanced lectures for graduate level students and professors alike.

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